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How to Find Money Making Niches for PLR Profits

PLR Profits and Making Money Online!

So, you’ve decided to use PLR to build a business. Before you dump all your savings, spare time and energy into this endeavor, wouldn’t it be nice to know if it has a chance to turn a profit? 

You might love underwater basket weaving. It may be all you think about. It’s your passion. 

That doesn’t mean it will make any money.

Being passionate about a topic is okay. If you get into business in a niche you truly love, there can be plenty of emotional rewards. Eventually though, you have to become profitable or you’re out of business. This means that doing something you love doesn’t guarantee you any money in your pocket.

You need to discover if the market you’re in (or entering) has a chance to be profitable or not.

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Market Research PLR

That’s what this guide will help you do.

You’ll learn how to identify niches that have shown a track record of success. These are areas of interest that people are hungry to know more about. They don’t feel that they “want” the products and services offered, but that they absolutely “need” them!

Some profitable business ideas don’t have the greatest amount of traffic (web surfers), but they offer little to no competition. That’s a perfect formula for profitability. Other niches deliver lots of web traffic and tougher competition, but there are plenty of buyers for you to get your fair share.

Stick With a Topic That’s Always in Demand

Profiting from PLR means harnessing the lasting attraction of evergreen topics. These are interests people desperately want to address. They have been hot topics for decades or even hundreds of years and they always will be because of human nature. They’re always in demand.

For instance, people will always look to improve their health, wealth and relationships. 

People broke and rich want more money. How many people look long and far for the perfect mate? How often have you searched for products to make you healthier? These are excellent markets for profitability, but …

… there’s a problem.

Weight loss is a huge field. Financial independence is desired by just about everyone, but that gigantic marketplace is too competitive. You need to find smaller areas of interest in those larger evergreen markets. That means those niches where the competition is favorable, people are buying products and services, and the desire for those offerings won’t die tomorrow.

You’re about to discover how to research a niche so you get that “perfect storm” of potential profitability.

Let’s get started by asking 3 simple questions.

3 Questions that Uncover a Profitable Niche

First let’s define niche. As an adjective, a niche is defined as …

“Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.”

So a niche wouldn’t be weight loss. That’s a massive, billion dollar market with literally millions of competitors. A niche in that large marketplace could be “losing weight after pregnancy”. 

That’s a much smaller market. The niche is much more accessible. Now that we know what a niche is, let’s ask the 3 questions that must be answered in the affirmative to give you a proven chance at profitability.

  1. Are prospects in emotional or physical pain?
  2. Are there people actively looking for an answer to that pain?
  3. Are people paying for solutions?

Think of a topic, any topic. Can you answer “Yes” to those three questions regarding the topic? If so, you may have discovered a profitable niche. Let’s look at an example.

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Profitable Niches PLR

Jane is 40 and a newly divorced single mom. She has been “heavy” her whole life. Jane has put up with ridicule, name-calling, self-hatred and low self-esteem over her weight problem. Now her husband has divorced her and she wants desperately to get back in the dating game. She feels like her overweight issue is holding her back.

She has experienced emotional pain because of her obesity her entire life. She even has physical pain due to health issues caused by her overweight condition. Jane wants to prove to her ex, herself and potential mates that she can lose the weight, get healthy, slim and sexy, and become the object of desire for so many men.

Ask the questions. 

Is she in extreme pain? Definitely! Are there other women like her looking to lose weight for better health, a sexier body, a higher level of self-esteem and respect from others? Without a doubt. Do single moms over 40 pay for weight loss products? You bet they do.

Your research is far from over, but the first step of your profitability discovery project looks extremely favorable. You can target “over 40 single moms that want to lose weight” and you might have a good chance at making money. There are still several things you need to do to correctly position yourself in that niche, but so far, so good.

When researching any potential needs, if you can answer yes to all three questions above, you know you have found a potentially profitable market.

How to Choose an Evergreen Market

Do you remember fanny packs? They were hugely popular in the 1990’s. They were so named because they were a belted pouch you wore around your waist that sat above your fanny, or read-end. Men and women alike wore them. They migrated to the front of the waist, just below the belly. People began wearing them just slung over their shoulders. 

They were the “cool thing” to be wearing. Now you rarely see them.  So while they were easy to sell when they were red hot, you’d have a tough time giving them away now. 

The problem is that the market wasn’t evergreen. It wasn’t long-lasting. You could buy all the fanny pack PLR in the world and you probably wouldn’t be too successful.

Let’s define that term, evergreen. An evergreen in gardening is a plant or tree that keeps green leaves all year long. It’s always alive and well. So are these “Big 3” evergreen niches.

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Wealth
  3. Lifestyle

These markets are driven by human desire. 

People will always desire to become healthier. They want to look and feel better physically. People are always looking for ways to make more money and increase their wealth. They desire the freedom that comes from financial independence. How many different ways are there to improve a person’s lifestyle? Human beings constantly seek out proven practices for boosting their quality of life, the lifestyle they lead.

People search for terms like “how to make money online” all the time. Starting a business, investing and debt management all fall under the evergreen wealth umbrella. 

The large lifestyle market includes self-help, dating and relationship maintenance, divorce and dog training. The health and fitness marketplace is self-explanatory. People want to become healthier and get in shape for any number of reasons.The weight loss example used earlier is definitely a subcategory of the evergreen health niche. 

If a man wants to lose weight because he thinks that will make him more attractive to potential dates, this falls under both the lifestyle and health and wellness markets. If you ever spot a niche like this that can hit two or more of the above evergreen niches, you are likely going to have a market which will always be in demand.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make money in niches that don’t qualify as evergreen. Buggy whip salesmen sold something that was needed. Back when horse-drawn buggies were a popular mode of transportation, drivers definitely needed these whips to guide their horses.

When automobiles became affordable and available to most people, buggy whip sales disappeared. That’s just one of many examples of a non-evergreen niche that went from profitability to virtually no sales in a short period of time.

Think health, wealth, relationships and personal growth. Then dig down deeper in those huge markets.

Digging Deeper (Niching Down) for Profits

Hopefully you’ve found a market that answers “yes” to the three qualifying questions mentioned earlier. If not, keep going until you do. Now you’re going to break out your marketing shovel and start digging.

Think about it like this.

  • Category
  • Niche
  • Micro-Niche

The example we used earlier spoke of a 40-year-old single mom that wanted to lose weight. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Category – Health and Fitness
  • Niche – Weight Loss
  • Micro-Niche – Weight Loss for Women over 40

It is absolutely pointless to start a blog where you talk about the entire health and fitness industry. There’s no direction, with too many topics to cover. Competition is massive. The same is true for the niche weight loss industry. However, “weight loss for women over 40” is a smaller market.

These women are still experiencing emotional and possibly physical pain. You have narrowed down the marketplace to not all men and women, not even just women. You have women of a very specific age. This is good for marketing for several reasons.

Profits PLR, evergreen plr, make money online plr, make money plr, health plr, fitness plr, weight loss plr
Profit PLR

The big players in the health, fitness and weight loss industries have plenty of money to attack those larger markets. They don’t want to fool around with a micro-niche. They want huge audiences. This is good. It helps you narrow your competition while also targeting a hungry group of prospects.

You always want to go at least 3 levels deep when choosing a topic to start a business. To recap …

  1. Choose an evergreen category.
  2. Choose a smaller niche in that category.
  3. Choose a micro-niche or sub-category of that niche.

At this point you want to know if there are profitable keywords related to the niche you’ve chosen. With the right keywords and phrases, you can create blog posts, social media updates and other content that drives a lot of free, relevant traffic to your website. When you don’t have to pay for most of your traffic, that definitely improves the profitability of your business.

Let’s cover a few keyword research techniques to help you identify a successful niche. They’ll reveal keywords and phrases you should add to your PLR to give yourself the best chance for success.

Get Google to Do Keyword Research for You

Google gets more than 90% of all searches made on the World Wide Web. That’s huge. It means if you can get Google to show you keyword search data related to the niche you’re researching, you’ll understand what most of your prospects are looking for.

Fortunately you can do this, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Here’s the step-by-step process you need to follow.

  1. Go to
  2. If you have an account, sign in. You can alternately click on “Create account” to get started.
  3. Once you are logged into your Google account, head to this URL.

Don’t worry, this is free. You don’t have to pay anything or register a credit card. You’re going to let Google’s billions of dollars of search data collection go to work for you. Select “Tools and Settings” from the top of your screen. Click on “Keyword planner” then “Discover new keywords” on the next screen. Enter your search term. We will stick to our example. Enter “weight loss for women over 40” and click the blue “Get Results” button.

Where you want to look is the information listed under “avg monthly searches”. In the example I used, “weight loss for women over 40” was searched for between 100 and 1,000 times every month.

Keyword Research PLR, keywords plr, google keyword planner plr, google plr, market research plr
Keyword Research PLR

You generally want to focus on search terms that generate 5,000 or more searches each month. If searching in your niche reveals several relevant keywords that attract 5,000 or more monthly searches, there is definitely some interest in the topic.

You can scroll down the page to see the other search terms related to the core term you used. Immediately to the right of the average monthly searches is the “Competition” field. This tells you how tough your competition is going to be for a particular search phrase.

This is a free profitability checker offered by the Google AdWords planning tool. Google used to give specific monthly search figures. Now they just give broad ranges. While this is still valuable information from Google, there are a couple of ways to get more detailed numbers.

Use for Keyword Research

Head to You’ll need to register for a free account. After verifying your email address, type “food addiction” into the search field. What you see is good news. The term “food addiction” is searched for between 9,300 and 11,500 times each month.

We know that being addicted to food can cause emotional and psychological pain. This search volume is proof people are looking for solutions. It’s well above the 5,000 search per month minimum we want to hit. Now we just need to see if there are people paying for products in this niche.

How to Discover If People Are Spending Money In a Niche


Amazon is one of the largest search engines in the world. In fact, it’s the largest search engine used for e-commerce. That means when people search for something on Amazon they have a very high desire to make a purchase. 

A recent search for “food addiction” on Amazon revealed more than 7,000 results! That means people are buying products to help them control their addictive eating habits. Food addiction could be a profitable niche to work in.

A Google search for “food addiction PLR” returned more than a million results! That means there’s plenty of PLR for this niche.

You can use Amazon this way to check profitability. With a quick search you know if there are companies and individuals selling products in a particular market. There wouldn’t be over 7,000 food addiction-related items for sale on Amazon if there were no customers.

One thing that you discover as you are looking through the results is that most of the items offered are books. This tells you what people are willing to spend their money on. They want audio books, e-books, paperback and hardback books that tell them how to beat a food addiction. 

This is great information you can put to use later. It shows that people want to read about what they need to do to solve this problem. That makes content creation simple. You pay a freelance writer to create a high-value e-book or PDF that solves some big problems in this niche. 

Amazon is telling you exactly what your market wants, all you have to do is give your audience what they are already looking for.

There’s another web destination that can help you check the possible profitability of any niche. Seasoned Internet marketers use it to do market and keyword research all the time. We’re talking about …


ClickBank (CB) is a top seller of information products. Internet marketers can make a very good living on this site. Go to and click on the “Marketplace” tab near the top of the page. You can see down the left sidebar that you can browse categories. You can also enter a search term in the field marked “Find Products” at the top of your display. Type the niche you are researching into that search field. 

A recent search for the term “food addiction” revealed 74 results.

While that may not seem like much, consider this. ClickBank is nowhere near the size of Amazon. When researching niche topics on CB, you only have to see 10 or 20 relevant products for sale to determine that a niche is profitable.

The average business selling on Amazon doesn’t have the marketing savvy of the entrepreneurs that offer their products and services on ClickBank. This means when products are sold on this site, they are getting purchased. People are spending time and money to list their products on CB. They obviously wouldn’t be doing that if they weren’t making sales and profits.

ClickBank can also help you attack a niche in another way. 

The people who sell their information products on CB will pay you a commission to get sales for them. Commissions run from 25% to 75%. This means that once you find a niche that’s profitable, you can return to ClickBank to pick up products to promote with your PLR.

This means you don’t even need to have a product of your own to get started.

Your next step is to see if there is any social media support for the niche you’re researching. The only logical place to start is the most trafficked social networking website in the world, Mark Zuckerberg’s baby.


Facebook is far and away the king of all social media sites. There are more active monthly users on FB than any other social network, and 3.48 billion active users on all social media sites combined.

This means it’s important to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks for niche profitability. You can filter your results using the search features on the left sidebar or at the top of the page. You can search for photos, people or posts that mention food addiction. You can check posts from anyone on Facebook or just you and your friends, and food addiction mentions for a particular timeframe or geographic location.

People on social networks like to talk. These are not stuffy, business-oriented hangouts. Folks are there to talk with other like-minded individuals and with their real-world and online friends. 

They speak what’s on their mind. They talk about things that interest them. 

facebook PLR, facebook marketing plr, social media marketing plr, eating habits plr, plr products
Facebook PLR

The fact that there are thousands of mentions of the term “food addiction” on Facebook means that people are concerned about this topic. There are support groups and events, videos and photos, people, posts and pages all dedicated to addressing addictive eating habits.

Combined with the research we’ve done earlier, this is great news. 

It looks like food addiction is an area where there is a very hungry audience (pun intended). What better way to make money in an online business than to help people beat addiction and become healthier? This allows you to do a lot of good while also making sales and profits.

And with PLR, making information products to sell in that niche is quick and easy.

Perform the same type of search on Twitter and Pinterest. Check Instagram and other social media networks. When you find a niche or market that’s getting talked about all over social media, you can definitely find a way to be profitable with that topic.

Search for “Niche Topic” + “Chat Rooms” or “Forums”

We have mentioned a couple of times that Google controls the search engine marketplace. They simply are the biggest and the baddest search engine on the planet. When more than 9 out of every 10 searches are performed on Google, a lot of relevant search information is being created.

That’s why we’re going to turn to Google once again for help.

In a Google search bar, type “your niche topic” + “chat rooms”. Place the term “chat rooms” in quotes. This tells Google that you want the words chat and rooms to be listed in that specific order. This keeps your results filter to actual chat rooms and not other web pages that may have both of the words “chat” and “rooms” listed separately somewhere on the page.

It makes your results more relevant. You can look for “your niche topic” + “forums” also.

Chat rooms and forums have existed since the beginning of the Internet. They were the precursors to the big social media sites. When you think about it, a site like Facebook is really just a huge chat room. People are hanging out and talking about the things that interest them. They are commenting on, liking and joining posts, pages and groups.

Niche Marketing PLR, finding your niche plr, online business plr, make money online plr, internet marketing plr
Niche Marketing PLR

Niche Marketing PLR

Communication is the key to Facebook, and that’s really all a chat room or forum is … a place online to communicate with others.

We performed a recent Google search for “food addiction chat rooms” and we found856,000 web pages where the term food addiction is being talked about in a chat room. If you needed any more proof that “food addiction” has a chance to be a profitable niche, this single piece of evidence should be enough.

Now perform the same type of Google search for “your niche topic” + “forums”. This is a simple and speedy way to access the data accumulated by the world’s most efficient and popular search engine, and all it takes is a little bit of your time. This is a powerful and free tool that can help you check the possible profitability of any niche or topic.

Identifying a profitable market means you don’t waste your time. You work in a niche that has plenty of customers waiting for what you can offer. Then you use PLR products to give your hungry audience what it wants.

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