PLR Businesses In A Box Sales Funnels


There are some PLR authors and creators that do not allow me to resell the PLR rights to their PLR business in a box sales funnels to my customers.

This is why I decided to create this page of the best done-for-you complete PLR business in a box packages where you can purchase complete PLR sales funnels to in-demand niche products directly from the PLR creators them-self.

Below is an alphabetical list of the best and most popular PLR businesses in a box package and complete sales funnels that offer completely done-for-you PLR niche packages that you can rebrand, resell, use to coach your customers and use as your own in your business without the need to hire an expensive writer or graphic designer.


Instagram Ads PLR Business in a Box


If you’re a marketer like me, you know that informational product sales is a multibillion-dollar market. People like us are running online businesses by selling training courses and other teaching materials, and you can cash in with this Instagram Ads PLR Business in a Box. Read on for some of its benefits:

Easy Setup

All you need to do to get started with this biz in a box is download the materials, add your name, upload them to your own server and start selling. It’s that simple!

Quality Products

The informational products in the Instagram Ads PLR Business in a Box are of the highest quality. They’re fully updated with the most current tools, tips and tricks, which you can use in your own marketing campaigns, or sell to other marketers easily for $100 or more. It’s all up to you!

Save Money With Ready-Made Info Products

Creating a great product takes a significant amount of talent in a variety of areas. Not everyone has what it takes to do it in-house, and outsourcing can cost thousands of dollars to create just ONE product. Marketers everywhere are looking for solutions that allow them to start selling in days, rather than months, as well as those that don’t break the bank. This biz in a box is designed for marketers like you, to plug in and make as much or as little as you want. This Instagram Ads business in a box is the most effective way to get the greatest benefit out of one of the hottest topics in online marketing.

What You’ll Get

  • Full private label rights
  • 100% new, unique content
  • An evergreen niche
  • Proven, step by step training
  • Sales pages and copy that drive conversions
  • A ready-to-use sales funnel
  • Great graphics
  • Wonderful bonuses
  • Video training
  • Great customer support and service

You’ll get 12 modules, including a training guide that’s full of examples and simple-to-apply Instagram ad techniques. This is no bland, boring PDF; it includes graphics, properly formatted subtitles and info with screenshots that show you just how to perform every step of the process. With this biz in a box, everything is done right! As great as this product is, though, you should really experience it for yourself. Click here to go to the product page; you won’t regret it for a second!


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Internet Marketing Mastery 2.0 PLR Business in a Box


Everyone knows the Internet can change people’s lives, but not everyone knows how to make those changes. With the Internet Marketing Mastery 2.0 PLR Business in a Box, all this life-changing information is assembled and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. This highly actionable, step by step video learning manual can help you succeed—and make a ton of money while you’re doing it.

22 Steps to Internet Marketing Mastery

In this PLR business in a box, you’ll get the following 22 video titles.

  • Why Internet Marketing?
  • 5 Internet Marketing Issues
  • 4 Steps to Better Guest Blogging
  • Using Keyword Phrases for Big Traffic
  • 5 Simple Info Product Methods
  • 5 Effective Social Marketing Campaigns
  • 5 Ways to Use Pinterest
  • A Fresh Look at SEO Link Building
  • 5 Facebook Tactics to Increase Site Visibility
  • 7 List-Building Tactics to Increase Sales
  • 11 SEO Terms for Marketers
  • Marketing Research 101
  • 5 LIst Engagement Strategies for Businesses
  • 4 Advanced Email Campaign Tips
  • How to Get Customers to Open Your Emails
  • What to Include in Your Email Subject Line
  • 3 Ways to Use the Gift Strategy
  • Advanced Gifting Methods to Increase Open Rates
  • Optimizing Landing Pages
  • 7 More Landing Page Optimization Tips
  • 4 Ways to Instantly Impact Customers
  • 5 Things You’re Not Doing With Email Marketing Software

With 12 modules covering everything from sales letters to customer service, the Internet Marketing Mastery 2.0 PLR Business in a Box has you covered.

Don’t Delay, Start Today!

This business in a box can help you make high profits with little effort. In fact, you can have it up and running within the hour, and make your first sale within the day. Where else can you get opportunities like this? Don’t wait to find out—click here to get started! You have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of money to gain. Here’s to your success!


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Viking PLR Bundle PLR Businesses in a Box


There’s a lot of PLR content out there, but let’s be frank—much of it just sucks. It’s outdated, poorly produced, and it could potentially damage your brand if you try to give it away or sell it. However, with the Viking PLR Bundle PLR Business in a Box, you won’t have to worry about crummy PLR anymore. Below, I’ll explain what you get in this great PLR biz in a box.

White Label Rights Included

Today, the Viking PLR package comes with white label rights. This means you can edit it, make changes and rebrand it in any way you choose. Or, you can do what many other buyers have done: retain the Viking brand and impress your customers. However, I suggest that you add your own affiliate links to recommended products. That way, you can make commissions almost on autopilot!

What You’ll Get

  • A great report on Internet marketing: While you can sell it or give it away as a bonus, it’s more effectively used as the entry point to a funnel or lead magnet.
  • A full eBook: This expertly-written eBook is full of modern, sleek and attractive design elements that can give your PLR business an air of authority and credibility. Use it as a front-end offer after a subscriber opts in for a report, and you’ll convert some of those opt-ins into paying customers.
  • A video course that empowers and educates your clients like nothing else that’s on the market today. Round out your sales funnel by turning it into a great upsell.

These beautiful, informative and high-quality products are a great way to set up a money-making business in no time at all. If you’re tired of low-quality PLR, give the Viking PLR Business in a Box a try. Visit the page to get started or to learn more.


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Firesale Package Huge Unrestricted PLR Package


If you’ve been in the Internet marketing game for a long time like I have, you know how important it is to find quality master resell rights products. While it’s possible to create your own content from scratch, it can be time-consuming (if you do it yourself) and expensive (if you hire someone to do it for you). With the Firesale Huge Unrestricted PLR Package, you’ll get all the master resell rights content you need to make instant Internet profits.

What You’ll Get

  • Hub Blueprint 2.0: You’ll get tips on getting your HubPages indexed quickly by Google and the other search engines.
  • WordPress themes that will make your blog stand out from all the rest
  • Ready-to-use sales letters
  • An affiliate action plan
  • Email list building tips for newbies and experienced marketers
  • The secrets of ‘bum marketing’
  • Tips on generating residual profits using Google Adsense
  • The basics of using Squidoo as a marketing tool with which to launch your business
  • Traffic generation secrets for marketers on a budget (and who isn’t, these days?)
  • Sales letters that are guaranteed to drive conversions
  • Tips on making enormous profits through membership sites
  • A booklet of viral marketing tactics that help you leverage the power of affiliates as a list-building tool
  • Insider tips on making money with CPA offers—they’re even great for newbies!

This is just a short list of the great stuff you’ll get with the Firesale Unrestricted PLR Package. There’s a lot more included; while I didn’t have space to list everything, all the other stuff in this package is of equally high quality. If you’re looking for a huge collection of great PLR content at a rock-bottom price, this package is for you. Simply visit this page to get started, or to see everything you’ll get.


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Profit From PLR Done-For-You PLR Business in a Box


As a business owner, your focus should be on tasks like forming relationships and growing your subscriber list. The last thing you feel like doing is spending hours writing and designing your own content. Let a team of designers, researchers, writers and developers do all the work for you—all you have to do is make a profit from the Profit From PLR Done-For-You PLR Business in a Box.

You Get All This!

When you buy this great PLR package, you’ll only get the best content. I wouldn’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t use myself, so I’ve done some extra research on this product. Below are just a few things you’ll get from this biz in a box.

  • High quality, Copyscape-passing content: Be assured that all content is original. No copying, recycling or plagiarism here! The team is composed of only native English-speaking writers, so you’re only getting ready-to-use, readable content.
  • Professionally-designed web pages and graphics including e-covers, buttons, check marks, banner graphics and mini sites. PNG, JPG and PSD files are all included.
  • Easy setup: Simply add your own details, upload them to your server and that’s it! You’ll even get step by step, foolproof instructions.
  • Sales and landing pages: All the sales literature is ready for you to use. Just add your own order button (which is also provided) and insert your autoresponder code.
  • Resources, mind map and checklist: While having an eBook is great, it’s equally important to have resources and an actionable checklist.

While all of these things are great, here’s one more benefit: You get to keep all the profits! As you’ll be the owner of the product, you get to retain all the leads and the sales you generate. With the Profit From PLR Done-For-You PLR Business in a Box, you’ll get all this and much, much more. Visit the order and information page today and be up and running within the hour!


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30 Days To A Bigger Email List PLR Business in a Box


The creator of the 30 Days To A Bigger Email List PLR Business in a Box, Paul Counts, has been making money online since 2000. He set out to prove that you don’t have to be an expert to create in-demand, high-quality IM-related products for athletes, authors and business experts. Read on to learn what you get with this awesome PLR business in a box.

  • An eBook: This eBook has over 5000 pages, and within those pages is a 30-day plan of action that includes daily tasks which will help you grow your email list.
  • A cheat sheet: Here, you’ll get an overview of the system. You can also refer to it as you work your way through the action plan.
  • Resources: You can generate back-end affiliate commissions by suggesting email marketing aids like autoresponders, web hosting, page builders and a lot more.
  • Sales copy: You’ll get professionally-written sales copy that drives conversions and increases sales.
  • Affiliate swipe emails: Use these to recruit affiliates for product launches.
  • Pro graphics: In this module, you will get access to all the professional graphics and e-covers you’ll need to attract customers and make sales.
  • Squeeze pages: Use the included squeeze page templates to build your list and pre-sell the offer.
  • A giveaway report: With the included “Top Five Ways to Build an Email List” report, you can easily and quickly build your subscriber list.

You’ll also get access to a members-only Facebook group, as well as bonus PLR profits training, PLR eBooks and a Google Adsense PLR course. This ready-to-go info product can immediately be used and sold, while you rake in the profits. It’s only available for a short time, so act now by visiting the order page.


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Your First Sales Funnel PLR Business in a Box


Paul Counts, who has been an Internet moneymaker for over 20 years, is back with the Sales Funnel PLR Business in a Box.  With this 84-minute-plus training video, you’ll learn how to start and implement your first sales funnel. Not only will you learn how to create a compelling sales funnel, you’ll also get PLR (private label rights) to everything that’s included in this package. Sell it as is, use it to grow your own business, or rebrand it and sell it under your own name. It’s up to you! Read further to learn about the amazing benefits of this PLR business in a box.

  • Video step by step training: You can fully master the art and science of creating a sales funnel in just under an hour and 25 minutes with this comprehensive video course.
  • Audio track: You’ll also get the mp3 version of the training so you can learn and listen when it’s convenient for you.
  • PLR licensing files: You instantly get the rights to rebrand and resell this in-demand, high-quality training as if you created it.
  • A reseller sale page: This addition gets you started faster than you thought possible. Simply add a “Buy it Now” button and begin selling.
  • Templates for squeeze pages: A good front-end squeeze page is the most vital part of the sales funnel. Here, you’ll get access to the templates used in the training video, so you and your future customers can easily implement the strategies used.
  • Download and sales page templates: Use the kit’s high-converting HTML templates to create unique, eye-catching upsell pages and offer your product using the download page templates provided.
  • PowerPoint help: You’ll get access to the same PowerPoint files used in the training. Rebrand them and use them as you wish.

You’ll get all of these benefits, plus many more, in the Sales Funnel PLR Business in a Box. This is the perfect way to gain more customers and make money almost on autopilot. Visit the purchase page today to learn more about this offer or to get started.


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The New Guide To SEO PLR Business in a Box Sales Funnel


While it is possible to make money by creating and selling your own informational products, it can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. However, with this system, you can circumvent the system and start selling right away. With PLR products from partners Sajan Elanthoor and Justin Opay, you can get access to some of the best private label rights content available.

What You Get

The New Guide to SEO is an updated, unique training guide that includes the most relevant, cutting-edge SEO tips. It was written by a native English speaking writer who was chosen based on their industry expertise. Here’s what’s included:

  • The most current SEO information available
  • 100% unique content, over 10,000 words in length
  • 100% PLR, given in PDF, text and Word formats so you can change it however you choose
  • Professional styling and formatting

While these features make this an incredible package to sell, I think you’ll be able to use much of this information yourself. You’ll also get a mind map, a cheat sheet, a ready-made sales letter and thank-you page, video promos, legal pages, professional graphics, plus a pack of ten unique articles.

SEO is an important part of being an online marketer, and this biz in a box can help you achieve your SEO goals while making money at the same time. To take advantage of this deal before it disappears, visit the product page right away.


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Email List Secrets PLR Business in a Box


It can be very frustrating to put a ton of work into an online business only to see few or no results. Affiliate marketing works for some, but not others—and it takes a lot of money and time to get a site ranked on Google. While all that’s hard, creating a training course or informational product is even harder. However, there’s a painless, easy solution to finding products to sell. With the Email List Secrets PLR Business in a Box, all you have to do is to download the content, edit it as you wish, upload it to your server and rake in the profits.

What You’ll Get

  • Ebook 1: Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Ebook 2: Autoresponder Review and Comparison
  • Ebook 3: Tools for Creating Landing Pages
  • Ebook 4: Opt in Landing Page Tactics
  • Ebook 5: Email Copywriting
  • Ebook 6: Building Relationships With Subscribers
  • Ebook 7: Autoresponder Sequence Power
  • Ebook 8: Landing Page Traffic
  • Ebook 9: Tactics for List Monetization
  • Ebook 10: List Segmentation
  • Ebook 11: A Guide to Email Deliverability
  • Ebook 12: List Maintenance

How to Use This PLR Business in a Box

You can buy this package and use it to create a membership site where subscribers can learn the secrets of email marketing on a step by step basis. You’ll get everything you need, including autoresponders, email swipes, professionally designed graphics and much more. Additionally, you get private label, resell and master resell rights to everything!

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why more marketers are turning to the Email List Secrets PLR Business in a Box. However, this deal is only available for a short time. Therefore, you should visit the sales page as soon as possible to get your copy before they’re gone.


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No Cost Income Stream Blueprint PLR Business in a Box


If you’re completely new to online marketing and you’re looking for ways to make money without putting a substantial amount of cash into a business, the No Cost Income Stream Blueprint PLR Business in a Box is right for you. And, if you’re already an online business owner, Eric Holmlund and Jeff Wellman, the creators of this PLR biz in a box will show you how to profit from this opportunity. Here, you’ll learn what you get with the No Cost Income Stream Blueprint’s 86 step-by-step lessons.

Tips on No-Cost Product Launches

  • Create a product and launch it with no upfront investment
  • Start a digital products business and find affiliates to promote it

This method has never been taught anywhere else (that I or the creators know of. With this module, you’ll learn how to write high-converting sales copy.

No-Cost Freelancing

  • You’ll learn how to make on-demand cash and start your freelance career with no upfront investment required.
  • Discover a profitable way to leverage micro-task sites such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

No-Cost Video Marketing

  • Use this business model to quickly and easily create videos that encourage buyers to visit your affiliate links, and subscribers to sign up for your email list.
  • This business model is so elementary that you will kick yourself for not finding it and trying it sooner.

No-Cost List Building Tips

  • Build your list for free with this system
  • Convert your new, bigger list into a source of full-time income and generate commissions from your list

No-Cost Affiliate Marketing

  • Use this step-by-step instruction manual to find the right affiliate products to promote
  • Find out which web editor the pros use to create great-looking affiliate sites within minutes

These sites are mobile-friendly, so they work fantastically across all mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and phones.

If you visit the purchase page now, you will get a great bonus, No-Cost Traffic Methods. It includes 16 tested and proven methods that can help you see results fast. With the team’s keyword research strategies, you can amplify the results of any of the five business models mentioned above. Visit the page now to order, because this deal won’t last long!

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Google AdWords PLR Business in a Box Package

Google AdWords PLR Business in a Box Package

“Slap Your Name onto Our Brand New, Up to date and TOP-Quality  GoogleTM AdWords Exclusive Training for BIG Profits Week After Week on Autopilot!”

There is an easy way to earn profits week after week in the Autopilot process. All you have to do is use your name on the high-quality Google Adwords PLR Training. It is a complete business in a box package and comes with a host of benefits.

The benefits of this Google Ads PLR Package include:

  • One of the most popular topics to be sold on the net under your name.
  • You can start selling sales materials which are ready to be deployed.
  • You can sell limitless copies for an entire lifetime.
  • There are no hidden fees orrecurring charges with this package.
  • You can keep all the money since there is no profit sharing at all.
  • Besides the buyers, you can keep all the generated leads as well.
  • Resell it as is, rebrand it and sell it or even start your own coaching membership

With proper Google Adwords training, both offline and online marketers can make a lot of money. Online marketers can sell it for as high as 100 dollars and churn out major profits. You can use it to make your private membership for a recurring income business model and release new coaching content every month.

You can use it to make your list by presenting it as a nice gift. You can also provide this package as a high-quality bonus to your products. You can train your team using it. You can also use it as good-quality content for seminars, webinars, and even training.You need to reap the benefits of a complete Google Adwords PLR sales funnel.

As for the offline marketers, they can use it for closing the deals while using it as aprospect for the clients. You can also sell it to different businesses for as high as 100 dollars. Your business can considerably grow online with such an initiative.

You can use this process to have your clients trained while you charge big bucks from them. You can offer it for thousands of dollars as a Google Adwords service.


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Be Getting When You Purchase This Google Niche PLR Package:

  1. High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
  2. Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
  3. Mind Map (Valued at $40)
  4. Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
  5. High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
  6. 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
  7. Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $320)
  8. Swipe Emails for Your Affiliates (Valued at $20)
  9. Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
  10. Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)
  11. Fast Action Bonuses!

This Google Ads PLR package can provide you with a complete ready-to-go info product is a hot evergreen niche where marketers and business all around the world can benefit from your product. Even if you just purchasing it to learn from it yourself so you can learn about how you can drive lots of targeted traffic to your business with Google ads, that’s fine too!


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Whatsapp Marketing PLR Business in a Box Package

Whatsapp Marketing PLR Business in a Box Package

“Slap Your Name onto Our Brand New, Up-to-Date and TOP-Quality WhatsApp Marketing Training for BIG Profits Week After Week on Autopilot!”

People can run their perfect businesses online by selling their dream training products. If you get your hands on a complete WhatsApp PLR business-in-a-box package, you can start your own business online without any issues at all.

The package comes with a lot of uses and features. Firstly, you can set it up quite easily. Secondly, it includes the presence of high-quality products. It comes with high-quality materials which are always updated and can easily sell for almost 100 dollars.

Whatever you are provided in the package is ready to go. It comes with a professional mini-site, which includes all the essential information and features. It comes with doodle-like sales quality, best videos and much more. As an online marketer, you can keep all the profits and make sure that you generate 100 percent sales.

You are probably aware of the fact that WhatsApp can generate a lot of revenue over time. Here are some facts which ensure that WhatsApp has a tremendous profit potential:

  • It has been forecasted by Citi Group that WhatsApp has the power to generate total revenue of $1 billion by the end of 2017.
  • There are around 1 million daily registrations on an average, in WhatsApp.
  • On a daily basis, WhatsApp users send more than 30 billion messages.
  • WhatsApp only took 21 months to commence from 200 million to a massive 700 million user base.
  • In WhatsApp, more than 700 million photos are shared on a daily basis.
  • The best thing about WhatsApp is that text messages have a great chance of being opened within minutes of their arrival.

How to generate the best profits?

The WhatsApp PLR package will teach your customers how to generate a lot of profits through this network. With the help of WhatsApp Marketing Exclusive Training, you can take your customers and show them how to achieve some awesome marketing results within a short period.

There are five things that you need to do to make money with it:

  • You need to download a high-quality product.
  • Next, you must customize it in the best way you can.
  • After that, you need to upload it.
  • Following that, some traffic needs to be sent towards it.
  • You can now start keeping 100% of all profits.

Modules Present In the Package

There are various essential WhatsApp modules included in the package. It includes a 73-page training guide which comes with a lot of highly effective examples and marketing techniques for WhatsApp that can be easily applied.

Keep in mind that this informative PDF is not boring at all. It covers a lot of essential topics, focused on well-formatted subtitles, graphics, awesome screenshots and high-quality information. After downloading the training guide, you can go through a lot of training features and tips.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Be Getting In The WhatsApp PLR Package:

  1. High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
  2. Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
  3. Mind Map (Valued at $40)
  4. Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
  5. High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
  6. 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
  7. Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $320)
  8. Swipe Emails for Your Affiliates (Valued at $20)
  9. Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
  10. Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)
  11. Fast Action Bonuses!

What to Expect From the WhatsApp Marketing Made Easy Exclusive Training Package

There are various things to understand from a package like this. It will give you an introduction and start telling you all about WhatsApp. It will tell you why WhatsApp needs to be used for online business marketing these days. You will know about the ways in which you can extract the most out of WhatsApp.

You will come to know about the various important Automation Tools available for WhatsApp. What are the things you should avoid to conduct a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign?

If you don’t know them yet, the package will teach you everything. The package comes with a research report which shows you the best tools, blogs, training, videos, demographics, infographics, webinars and much more.

It will teach you everything that you need in order to make a successful profit-generating WhatsApp marketing PLR sales funnel online.


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Facebook Marketing 2.0 PLR Business in a Box Package

Facebook Marketing 2.0 PLR Business in a Box Package

“Slap Your Name onto Our Brand New, TOP-Quality and  Up-to-Date Facebook Marketing 2.0 Training for BIG Profits Week After Week on Autopilot!”

You can use a top-quality up-to-date product, slap your name on it, and make great profits. The Facebook Marketing 2.0 Training ensures that you generate big profits over time. There are a lot of interesting things included in a package like this. You can have a top-quality training provided under your name.

It includes a highly popular topic that can be sold on your page. It includes sales materials that are ready to go. You can start selling unlimited copies for life.

There are no hidden fees or monthly charges included in it. You can keep all the profits without any monthly charges at all. You can keep all the leads that you generate, including the purchasers. The best thing about this Facebook PLR package is that you can do anything you want with it.

Understanding the Concept

The top marketers are aware of the fact that Info Product Selling comprises a multi-million dollar market. It has been proven that people can run successful businesses online by selling certain valuable training products. You can initiate things with your own business by grabbing hold of a complete business-in-a-box package.

There are many benefits with a FB PLR package like this:

  • First of all, it is quite easy to be set-up.
  • You can download stuff that is ready-to-go.
  • The products are top-notch. It includes high-quality products that are always updated and includes 100% latest stuff. You can easily sell them for $97.
  • The package includes professional sales material. Everything included is ready-to-go. It has a professional and gorgeous mini-site, including six different kinds of colour templates.
  • It has high-quality doodle-type sales video with a lot more content.
  • You can keep all the generated leads with buyers while keeping all profits as well.

Ways to Use the Facebook PLR Product to generate profits:

The product can be used by both online and offline marketers for their own benefits. You can make a lot of profits as an online marketer, by selling at $9-97 for each. You can create a private membership by using it. You can craft your own list by providing it as a gift.

You can use it as a high-quality bonus, with your products. You can also train your team using it. You can further use it as good-quality content during training, seminars or webinars.

In the case of offline marketers, they can benefit in many ways as well. You can close deals while using it as aprospect to your clients.

As an offline marketer, you can use it to grow the business online. You can train your clients using it while charging a lot of money. The product can also be used as a professional Facebook Marketing Service offering, provided at a price of thousands of dollars.

The Benefits of This Face Marketing PLR Package

With a Facebook Marketing Package focused on Exclusive Training, there are several possible benefits:

  • It includes a completely new product.
  • It comes with content that is 100% unique and focused on the topic.
  • The niche is always hot and evergreen.
  • The training is proven and includes a step-by-step procedure.
  • It includes sales copies and sales pages which are high-converting.
  • You get the benefits of a complete sales funnel.
  • The package comes with great bonuses and awesome graphics.
  • It includes a video training that focuses on the live installation of high quality.
  • It has limited copies, comes at an affordable price and includes excellent support.

There are many essential modules included in the package. It comes with modules focused on specific topics. One of the great additions is a cheat sheet through which your customers can take action in a sequential step-by-step manner. You can grab the benefits of a Facebook PLR sales funnel through this package.


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Continuity Income Program PLR Business in a Box Package

Continuity Income Program PLR Business in a Box Package

“Get My 52-Part Continuity Income Program At A Crazy ‘Steal’… Participants Had Paid $1,500 And Above For The Same Content… Now You Can Get At A Ridiculously Low Price + Flexible Licensing Option!”

People have always asked questions regarding how much is needed to start your own online marketing business. You will usually hear that it takes quite a few thousand to get started. That is probably true when it comes to a conventional business.

However, when you wish to make money online, it is nowhere near to such amounts, provided that you know what you’re doing. You can make it all possible with the Continuity Income PLR Package.

It features a 52-part course, teaching how people can build their business online and start generating a continuity income. The online version is currently available, and it delves into great depths. The program provides a solution to all the beginners when it comes to building a successful business online.

About the Continuity Income Program with PLR

Why is it so necessary to know about this program? If you are wondering that, here are the possible reasons:-

  • It includes a money-making blueprint that has been tried and tested. By acquiring this program, you get immediate access to training in aworkshop learning how to build a continuity income using an online business. It is the real deal and doesn’t include any buffs or theories. Earlier, attendees have been charged as high as $1500 for a program like this. However, currently, it is available at a much lower price.
  • The package includes an amazing resell opportunity and complete private label rights. You can resell and rebrand top-quality content while using it as your own. On top of that, you end up keeping 100% of the sales.

Memberships and Profits Made Through Mailing Lists

The ultimate goal is to make more money while spending less time and effort on your part. There are a lot of things covered in the 52-part training course of the Continuity Income Program.

If you wish to make money online, you already know that money is on the list. The program shows how to create a mailing list while targeting leads and writing follow-up campaigns.

You can start making money anyway you want by using a mailing list. You can engage in affiliate marketing, sell products that you’ve made, maintain your loyal following, sell advertising and much more.

With membership sites, it is much easier to generate a recurring income while putting effort only once. It is much easier to convince an existing customer to buy your product versus convincing a new prospect to buy products from you.

Generating Recurring Income

Wouldn’t it be great if you can make money while people sign up for stuff that is free? Underground marketers are already making use of this technique and equipped with this Program; you can do it as well.

Once you start understanding, you will discover the little-known model of profitable continuity. You can exponentially grow your income with work that has been done ONLY ONCE.

It is only possible when you are using someone else to do it for you. You can learn all about it when dealing with the aspect of recurring income PLR sales funnel, taught through this Continuity Income Program.

If you think that you are not capable enough to handle something of this magnitude, well, it’s time to enlighten yourself.

You will not need any high-level technical knowledge to make it possible. You won’t need a lot of capital to start with either of these business models. You can generate an income stream through either of the models.

With this program, your customers will learn about:-

  • The process of traffic generation.
  • Online Network Marketing.
  • Building Fixed-Term Membership Sites.
  • Promoting Affiliate Programs and building a mailing list.

If you wish to build successfully and promote your online business over time, the Continuity Income Program is perfect for you. This training package was created by a veteran marketer and is a complete PLR training program that you can resell to your customers and establish yourself as an authority in the recurring income and make money online niches.


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Sales Funnel Blueprint PLR Business in a Box Package

Sales Funnel Blueprint PLR Business in a Box Package

“High Quality Private Label Rights To Your Next Bestseller of Sales Funnel Blueprint That You Can Brand And Resell As Your Own For 100% Profits!”

As an online marketer, if you are looking for 100% profits, you can brand and resell a Sales Funnel Blueprint. There are many benefits that you can get with this complete sales funnel niche PLR business-in-a-box package.

The benefits are as follows:-

  • You can use your name to market this possible bestseller.
  • You can rebrand and edit it in any way you like, thereby making your content unique.
  • You can keep complete profit by reselling them and acquiring 100% of the sales.
  • You can enjoy sales content which is ready to go.

Understanding the Benefits

Other than the above benefits, there are a lot more ways in which this package can help you out in the online marketing business. The product is being offered at 90% discount, therefore getting it right now, would be the most advisable thing to do. With this package, you will get immediate access to a complete Sales Funnel Blueprint with PLR.

A lot of you have probably wondered how it is possible to popular selling product without having to create and write it from scratch. You can cut to the chase and start making a lot of money online.

You can successfully sell your ownproducts, but that is only possible with the following aspects:

  • Your imagination should be the limit when it comes to positioning, selling or branding your product. Overall, it means that your product should have a lot of flexibility.
  • Stop swearing allegiance to other people. Start promoting your own
  • Start keeping 100% of the profits instead of simply a commission cut.
  • Start earning money instantly instead of waiting a month for your check to be cleared.
  • Gain full control over your own sales funnel.
  • Start recruiting members in the affiliate army you created by and for you.

Components of the Package

The sales funnel PLR package includes various essential components. If you are thinking about the price of this package, consider the fact that it has been newly launched. Therefore, while buying it, you get a tremendous discount. You can get immediate access to the PLR package for a limited-time only. Moreover, the available bonuses are at a much lower price than retail.

The package includes the following components:

  • A high-quality book with private label rights.
  • A complete course checklist.
  • A creative Mind Map.
  • A Thank You Page along with a Ready-to-go sales letter.
  • A Sales Video that has been professionally made.
  • PSD Files included with the graphic and cover.
  • PLR including the special giveaway

How to Be Successful In Online Marketing?

The bonus items for this package include a video tutorial which teaches you how to setup and brand the PLR product. There is also a 1-hour webinar which shows the methods that can be used to turn stagnant PLR products in machines which keep generating cash over time.

The video tutorial will teach you how to edit the Sales Page and Thank You page. It will teach you how to start making sales after putting in your buy button. It will tell you how to upload over to your web hosting and include a host of recommended sources which are essential for a successful business.

Nobody wants to sit and wait around which their products get built. With the sales funnel PLR with reseller toolkit, you don’t need to worry about all that. Building the product from scratch takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

You can skip all that with this ready-to-deploy sales funnel niche PLR package and start generating a good profits. Moreover, the package you will be buying can go for exorbitant prices, but since it is completely new, fresh and updated, your pricing can be higher. Just make sure you rebrand it with your own name, include your own insights and offer good bonuses to make your offer too good to resist!


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Affiliate Marketing Blueprint PLR Business in a Box Package

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint PLR Business in a Box Package

“High Quality Private Label Rights To Proven Product That Sold 1,600 Copies of Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Now You Can Brand And Resell For As Your Own For 100% Profits!”

You can brand and resell your own products using an affiliate marketing blueprint. With a complete affiliate marketing business-in-a-box package, you can market the awesome bestseller under your name, keep 100% of the profits after reselling it, rebrand and edit in any way you prefer and get your hands on sales materials which are ready to go.

A list of essential components

With an affiliate marketing PLR package, you will get a lot of essential things needed for online marketing. The components of this package are:

  • A High-Quality Book with Private Label Rights.
  • A complete Course Check List.
  • A Creative Mind Map.
  • A Thank You Page and Ready-to-Go Sales Letter.
  • Graphics and Covers with the inclusion of PSD files.
  • A sales video which has been professionally made.
  • A ready-to-be-deployed Squeeze Page.
  • A Special Giveaway report available with Private Label Rights.
  • A complete PLR license to the full package.
  • A host of follow-up content emails.

Understanding the benefits

With this package, you get Affiliate Marketing Blueprint, a 58-page book with PLR. You will find that it comes with a self-explanatory title. It has been built on proper tested and tried principles.

You can start learning about my method to cash in commissions from various programs based on affiliate marketing. The full training course doesn’t include any branding or personal identity.

The entire package is white-labelled so that you can rebrand it as your own and keep ALL the profits. In a nutshell, you are getting the opportunity to own a product which can sell itself.

While going through the affiliate marketing training program, your customers can use the professional checklist included in the package. It will be essential to the customers who can refer it quickly, print it out or account for a complete step-by-step series of actions while completing the course. Similar to the main product, you can edit and rebrand the checklist as well. It encourages you to do that since the source files are included.

There is also a Mind Map process which comes with the training program. It includes a creative visual aid which outlines the course and provides a bird’s eye view on the process.

With this affiliate marketing training PLR, you can stop spending money on expensive copywriters who ask for thousands of dollars. Why would you do that when a Thank You Page and Professionally Written Sales Letter is already available for you. You can immediately sell them after including your order link, name and including it on the website.

A Great benefit of this package is the inclusion of complete sales video which is ready for use. It is a new addition and wasn’t included in the previous releases.

You can massively increase your conversions with the same traffic by using the professionally made sales video.

You will find that nowadays, every professional product available online, comes with a commercial sales video. The videos are getting popular over time but keep in mind that creating your own videos isn’t an easy process. You could easily post it on YouTube with a link back to your website to get targeted buyers flowing in.

Benefits of using an Affiliate Marketing PLR Package

There are several benefits you can enjoy with this package:

  • The digital course can be used
  • You can proclaim yourself as the author of this product.
  • The contents can be edited, E-cover can be changed, Products and modules can be re-titled, and your personal back-end affiliate links can be included.
  • You can also use this product as a bonus giveaway to another product being sold by you.
  • You can increase your profits by selling it as a paid package, at a higher price.

A great feature of the Affiliate Marketing PLR sales funnel is the inclusion of a 17-page special report which comes with full PLR. The main advantage is that you can use it as a lead magnet to build your list and then offer your customers the affiliate training guide as a front end offer. Affiliate marketing is an evergreen niche that people are always going to want to learn about to start making money online.


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CPA Marketing Genius PLR Business in a Box


CPA Marketing Genius PLR Business in a Box

“Earn 100% Profits From A Brand-New, Ready-Made Private Label Rights Bundle That You Can Sell As Your Own… Starting Today!”

It is totally possible to earn 100 percent profits from a completely new CPA marketing PLR bundle which you can sell as your own. You can follow some simple steps to make it possible. First, you need to edit your product and then upload it. After that, you need to send some traffic and voila, you are ready to make some money through a CPA marketing sales funnel. I get lots of requests for CPA marketing resell rights products, so believe me when I say, there’s lots of demand and very few high quality CPA marketing PLR content packs out there. This is stands out from the rest and could potentially be your next top seller.

Reasons Why You Need this CPA Marketing Genius Bundle…

There are many valid reasons why you need the best CPA business in a box package:

  • First of all, it comes with top-shelf CPA marketing content. The content that you will receive has been well-researched, and it’s completely original.
  • Besides a self-explanatory guide, you will also receive a complete mind map, a checklist, and a resources report. This makes it a really valuable bundle, and you can even charge higher prices for this product.
  • The setup is pretty simplified as well. The package has been designed keeping beginners in mind. It includes a complete guide that shows you how to proceed from downloading a product to customizing it and finally uploading it to the server. It comes with a training video with proper screenshots.
  • The CPA industry is growing pretty swiftly, and new marketers are coming in every day. It gives you a lot more opportunities to succeed truly with a product like this.
  • The package comes with material that is profit-generating. It includes a sales page that is ready to go, banners and easy swipes. It will help you promote your content in a jiffy.
  • The best thing about this initiative is that you can keep all the profits. You can fix your price and expect complete profits from it. Get ready to experience sales each and every day with this CPA PLR bundle.
  • You can forget all about paying royalty fees. You can get your lifetime license with this product through a one-time full There’s no funny business and no recurring payment. You have the full rights, and you can sell as many copies you want.

Having your own Cost Per Action training course with private label rights is awesome because you can learn from it and then resell it for top profits – the demand is huge and the topic is evergreen.

So here’s exactly what you’ll be getting with this CPA marketing PLR package:

  • Module #1 – Top-Shelf Information Guide
  • Module #2 – Studio-Quality Audio Files
  • Module #3 – Cheat Sheet
  • Module #4 – Checklist
  • Module #5 – Mind Map
  • Module #6 – Infographic
  • Module #7 – Resources Report
  • Module #8 – High-Impact Sales Page
  • Module #9 – Professional Minisite
  • Module #10 – Doodle-Style Sales Video
  • Module #11 – Professional Product Graphics
  • Module #12 – 10 PLR Articles
  • Module #13 – 10 Animated Banners
  • Module #14 – 6 Persuasive Email Swipes
  • Module #15 – Extra Product Graphics
  • Module #16 – License Rights

This is a Monster CPA marketing PLR package if you ask me and probably the best one I’ve seen in the CPA marketing niche so far. I even grabbed this one for myself and the quality of the content was amazing.


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Make Money on Fiverr Blueprint PLR Business in a Box Package

Make Money on Fiverr Blueprint PLR Business in a Box Package

“Get The Private Label Rights To My Brand New, High Quality Training Product And Make 100% Profits… Selling As Your Own!”

If you wish to generate complete profits by selling on your own, you will need a fresh, new and High-Quality Fiverr Training Product with Private Label Rights. You don’t have to engage in any copywriting or video creation. Simply build your setup and start making some money. Your income can be increased to great proportions by making use of this Fiverr PLR business-in-a-box package.

Benefits of a PLR Package

There are many benefits to be enjoyed with a ready-made PLR package:

  • The process is highly flexible. You have the liberty to decide how you wish to position and sell your product in the online market.
  • You can promote your brand without swearing allegiance to anyone else.
  • Forget about a commission cut; you can start generating your own sale while gradually making a strong buyers list.
  • Once you start properly, the cash flow will be instantaneous.
  • You will gain full control over the buying process and sales funnel.
  • You can have your own affiliate army that will promote you.

What is Fiverr?

It is a thriving online marketplace which is growing fast and connecting clients and freelancers from all over the world. A variety of services going by the name of gigs can be sold by Fiverr vendors.

They come in the multiples of 5, for instance, $%, $10, $15 and so on. Fiverr has a lot of opportunities and entry is easy. That is what sets it apart from other usual freelancing websites.

Only a few years ago, beginners had to spend a lot of time thinking about how to create an affiliate business to generate traction. Before Fiverr, people had to fight like crazy while looking for clients in over-saturated freelancing locations. However, with a Fiverr PLR package, generating money online has gotten easier.

Questions for Beginners

However, for a beginner, it will take some time to understand the workings of Fiverr. In fact, this raises a lot of questions. Questions like:

  • What if beginner subscribers can earn money a lot faster?
  • What if your customers can make more money from Fiverr?
  • If they have more money to spend, won’t they be appreciative and focus on purchasing your other offers as well?

All this and much more are possible with a training course on Fiverr, and thankfully, the Private Label Rights to this package is now available.

With Fiverr PLR videos, you can generate a huge amount of income from the premium product, targeted towards a high demand segment. There are steps you need to follow:-

  • Customize your product.
  • Upload the finished product.
  • Focus on sending traffic.
  • Start generating cash online!

Overall Benefits of the Package

There are various presentations and on-screen training videos available with the package. You can learn the processes which allow you to be featured by Fiverr. You can start understanding how to create a gig while learning about creating Gig Extras and how to make and configure your account in Fiverr.You can start learning the ways of generating traffic for your profile and the ways of identifying hot-selling gigs, how to track sales and monthly trends.You will also learn how to get your profile optimized while generating high ratings.

It is easy to understand the videos and they have been voiced by an American professional voiceover actor. It makes the training course easy and clear to understand. You can start reselling these videos; include them in your membership site, or simply upload them on high-traffic websites like Vimeo and YouTube.

Besides the video presentations, there are several other components included in this fiverr plr sales funnel package:

  • Component 1: 10 Presentation and On-Screen Video Tutorials
  • Component 2: Audio MP3 to Video Series
  • Component 3: Professional Sales Page & Thank You Page
  • Component 4: Ready-To-Go Sales Video
  • Component 5: Instant Graphics Bundle Done For You
  • Component 6: Course Check List
  • Component 7: Creative Mind Map
  • Component 8: Private Label Rights License To This Entire Product


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Lead Generation Mastery PLR Business in a Box Package

Lead Generation Mastery PLR Business in a Box Package

“Get This $6,582+ Value Licensing Rights To Lead Generation Mastery Brand New, High Quality Training Course”

If you wish to cut the extra work and delve right into the core of online marketing, there’s a great way to do it. Using that, you can easily increase your income online and start making major profits. When you start asking about the ways to be successful online, a lot of people will tell you that they sell their goods.

What you need to do is, master the concept of lead generation, using new and high-quality lead generation PLR training course. You can place your name as the author and re-brand it according to your needs. You can repurpose it for obtaining numerous income streams while reselling it for complete profits.

There are certain advantages of having a lead generation plr package:

  • You can market a possible bestseller using your name.
  • You can rebrand and change your product according to your preferences.
  • You can acquire 100% of the sales by just re-selling it.
  • These are sales material which is ready to go.

When you have your own products, there are certain perks which you can enjoy:

  • First of all, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility. You can yourself decide how you wish to position, brand and sell the product. You can keep doing it according to your flexible goals.
  • You can promote your brand without establishing any allegiance with the programs belonging to other people.
  • The profits come in hot and heavy. You can keep all the sales you make while building up your buyers list. You don’t need to take a cut or commission at all.
  • What every online marketer wants is immediate cash flow. The cash flow should be instantaneous.
  • You end up controlling the buying process and your sales funnel.
  • Instead of working with an affiliate group, you can recruit your own and promote yourself.


Here’s what you get in the Lead Generation Mastery PLR Package:

  • Component 1: 15 Video Tutorials (AVI and MP4)
  • Component 2: Course Check List
  • Component 3: Creative Mind Map
  • Component 4: Ready-To-Go Sales Letter & Thank You Page
  • Component 5: Professionally Made Sales Video
  • Component 6: Covers And Graphics with PSD Files Included
  • Component 7: Private Label Rights License To This Entire Package
  • And you get some Fast Action Bonuses!

Therefore, you need a product which can be yours and allows you to cash in for a long period. With a lead generation PLR sales funnel, you can make it all come true.

The Lead Generation Mastery includes a series of 15 videos which trains beginners on how to use effective and popular online methods, which have been popularized by the top online/internet marketers.

Keep in mind that these are not any random ghost-written product which cropped up online. You can get buyers and subscribers to your mailing list by using effective lead generation techniques. The methods included in the training course teach you to deal with both internal and external stuff online.

You can target various groups with your products. They can be network marketers, consultants, trainers, Newsletter publishers, online marketers, Offline Business Owners who are going online, Digital Product Sellers and much more.

The necessity for lead generation will always keep growing and using a product like this will bring major success in your online business. Click the link below to see exactly what you’ll be getting with this complete Lead Generation Mastery Business In A Box PLR Package.


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26 PLR Ebooks Profit Pack Special Package


26 PLR Ebooks Profit Pack Special Package

“Grab $13,000 Worth of Ready Made Products With FULL PLR Rights at a Fraction of The Price For a Limited Time Only!”

To make your business profitable, the first thing you need is a product of your own. If you don’t have your own product, it will be difficult to provide an incentive to connect with your mailing list.

However, when it comes to developing new products, there are certain problems. People either do not have the time or they simply lack the skills to create such a product. To develop top quality products, people should have certain skills.

With the PLR packages I am going to discuss below, it will be possible for you to acquire $13,000 worth of ready-made products with complete PLR rights.

Understanding the Benefits:

If you had a collection of top-quality products, including all the material through which you can market them offline or online, that would be great. You could make your business expand very quickly with such opportunities.

Once you get all the products, you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. With the help of PLR products, a person can become the author and creator of a product, and the best thing is, you didn’t have to go through any pains to make it.

With this great PLR ebooks bundle, you can exactly get that without any difficulty at all. With the 26 different top quality products, you, as an internet marketer, are ready to start you online marketing business. With such 26 instant PLR ebook products, it will be easy to earn profits and create subscribers to support your business for years to come.

How to Make Money Online Fast?

Every person has the same query when it comes to an online business. How is it possible to make many in the fastest way? There might not be any shortcuts to money-making, but there are certain smart ways to make it possible.

With PLR ebooks blowout, it is possible to make products that will assist business, and they are also meticulously crafted for the maximum results.

In the long run, it is easy and fast to make money online through the use of private label rights products. These are ready-made products which are available for easy usage over time.

There are two definite perks of using these products:

  • You can change them according to your will while gathering all the profits, subscribers, and credits.
  • The process is pretty simple and involves a series of easy steps.

No risks involved in buying quality PLR packages

With this 16 complete done for you private label rights ebooks pack, here’s what you’ll get in each package:

  • Every package includes a sales page that has been written It has a complete eBook that comprises of 4000+ words.
  • It includes a word source doc that is completely editable.
  • A ready-made squeeze page is available along with physical CD/DVD covers.
  • It comes with more than 20 graphical images, and 3D eCovers are included as well.
  • Last but not the least; you get a full private label rights license to edit all the contents, rebrand the products with a new name and resell it as your own!

Therefore, your online business can be started in the easiest manner possible. The makers of this product are quite confident about the utilities it possesses.

Here’s some of the PLR packages you’ll be getting when you grab this PLR profits mega pack:

  1. The Business Builders Secrets Complete PLR Package
  2. 7 Ways to Success While You Sleep Complete PLR Package
  3. Stress Busters Explained Complete PLR Package
  4. List Building Pitfalls Revealed Complete PLR Package
  5. ClickBank Traffic Mastermind Complete PLR Package
  6. Digital Product Creation Complete PLR Package
  7. Copywriters Black Book Complete PLR Package
  8. PLR Starter Pack Complete PLR Package
  9. Blog Post Optimizer Complete PLR Package
  10. Your Money Mind Complete PLR Package
  11. The Stress Buster Guide Complete PLR Package
  12. The Retire Rich Roadmap Complete PLR Package
  13. PC Virus Killer Complete PLR Package
  14. Facebook Fan Page Profits Complete PLR Package
  15. The Sales Lead System Complete PLR Package
  16. Essential Twitter Techniques Complete PLR Package
  17. Your First Online Business Complete PLR Package
  18. Online Traffic Secrets Complete PLR Package
  19. Social Media Marketing Revealed Complete PLR Package
  20. Simple Joint Venture Secrets Complete PLR Package
  21. SEO Tips For WordPress Complete PLR Package
  22. List Building Success Secrets Complete PLR Package
  23. Blogging For Profit Complete PLR Package
  24. Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets Complete PLR Package
  25. Google Adsense Profits Complete PLR Package
  26. Copywriting Crackdown Complete PLR Package

Due to this, there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee this PLR ebooks with turnkey websites packages, but with product from Instant Product Publisher, you’re getting massive value at a low cost and after just a few sales you’d be to recover your investments and make good profits as long as you make effort to launch them into your funnel.

You’ll be able to pick-up a private label rights license to this entire PLR eBook Blowout Pack, don’t miss out, grab it while the price is still very low, you’ll be paying less than $1 per complete PLR package if you take action today. These kind of PLR eBook bundles never last very long and the price always goes up.


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2 Cents YouTube Clicks PLR Business In A Box Package

2 Cents YouTube Clicks PLR

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality 2 Cents Tube Clicks Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

The 2 Cents YouTube Clicks Business in a Box PLR Package is a simply massive, done for you PLR pack that has 12 main components—plus a lot more.

When you buy this monster PLR package that offers tips on YouTube advertising, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Results-oriented video training on 2 Cents YouTube clicks
  • A professionally-designed “thank you” page and a sales letter that drives conversions
  • An expertly-crafted sales/promo video
  • Eye-catching graphic designs
  • Ready-made legal pages and a customer service system
  • A great-looking “lead grabber” page
  • An email autoresponder series that boosts your credibility and positions you as an expert within the niche
  • A website that’s already been optimized for mobile devices
  • A ready-to-go PowerPoint slideshow
  • Top-quality audio training courses
  • Graphics you can edit with Photoshop
  • Licensing certificates

You’ll get all that’s listed above in this pack of YouTube ads training videos, and you’ll get a lot of cool bonuses that you just can’t get anywhere else. Everything in this business in a box PLR pack is ready to use, and you can become profitable in an hour.  Simply purchase and download the YouTube PLR, add your own name and an order button, upload everything to your server, and you’re ready to go. This kind of deal doesn’t come along often, and you should buy while the price is low.

You can use the 2 Cents YouTube Clicks Business in a Box PLR as it is, or you can add it to a membership site. Turn the YouTube traffic PLR into sellable reports, or sell them as Amazon Kindle books . These training courses make great bonuses to hand out at live events, or to go along with a paid offer. Coaches can use it to create lessons, and site owners can engage followers or create podcasts. This set is so versatile that any online marketer can get targeted YouTube traffic from it!


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5 Premium Internet Marketing PLR Businesses In A Box Packages

5 Premium Internet Marketing PLR Businesses In A Box Packages

“You Too Can Resell And Make 100% of the Profit From My 5 Best-Selling Internet Marketing PLR Packages Starting Today!”

By UnstoppablePLR

In this exclusive offer, you will be able to resell five of the most popular internet marketing PLR packages—and you’ll get to keep 100% of the profits. This package comes with full private label rights, which means you can rebrand, edit and sell the content as you wish. As a bonus, you’ll also get access to the gold upgrade pack for each great internet marketing PLR with sales pages.

Below is a list of the modules you will get with these 5 Premium Internet Marketing PLR Businesses In A Box Packages:

  • A high-quality eBook
  • Printable checklist
  • Cheat sheet
  • Mind map
  • Ready-to-use “thank you” page and sales letter
  • Opt-in page and lead magnet
  • Professionally designed graphics
  • Ten well-written articles
  • Email swipes
  • Viral image pack

Along with each of these five complete internet marketing PLR sales funnels, you will get the gold upgrade packs as well. In the gold packages you’ll get:

  • Video tutorials with private label rights
  • Upsell pages
  • A PLR sales funnel
  • Autoresponder series
  • Whitepapers
  • Tools for affiliates
  • Social media swipes
  • A list of the highest-traffic blogs and forums
  • Keyword research
  • Presentation
  • Feature images

These five done for you IM PLR packages include instructions on setting up and operating a digital products business. You’ll learn how to build your brand, niche and social media authority, and you’ll learn how to build a solid subscriber list. If you were to buy each of these packages separately, you’d pay almost $300.

However, if you take advantage of this offer, you can get all five internet marketing PLR with sales pages with upgrades for just $67, for a price of just over $13 per pack. As great as this offer is, it presents a fine opportunity to get into the digital products business for a minimal investment. Buy today and get started!


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Alibaba Profit System PLR Business In A Box Package

Alibaba Profit System PLR Business In A Box Package

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality Alibaba Profit System Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

The Alibaba Profit System PLR Business in a Box Package is a 100% unique make money on Alibaba sales funnel. Using proven methods, you can learn how to make great profits selling top-quality Alibaba products. This step-by-step PLR biz in a box has in-depth training on making fast cash online. The practical course is easy enough for a complete marketing novice to follow—there’s no bull here, and you’ll get just the steps you need to succeed.

Get in, Get Out, Make Money

The total running time of this PLR sales funnel is roughly two hours, which is exactly enough to hold customers’ interest and get them to take action. The Alibaba PLR system comes with full private label rights, which means you can edit them however you want and sell them under your own brand name for 100% profit.

What do you Get?

There’s a lot included in this set of Alibaba PLR training videos. You’ll get an APS overview, as well as tips on setting up an Alibaba account for the first time. Newbies will learn how to find the right products to sell, and how to mitigate their risks as a buyer. You’ll learn how to contact suppliers, test samples, order, process payments, handle shipping, and serve customers after the sale.

Modules Included in This Set of Alibaba PLR Videos

  • Video training that gets results
  • A sales letter/thank you page that gets conversions
  • A promo video
  • Graphic designs that are ready to rebrand and use
  • Functional legal pages and customer support
  • A lead grabber
  • A top-notch email series
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Audio training
  • Graphics you can edit in Photoshop
  • Licensing certificates for all products


In addition to the modules listed above, you’ll get two great bonuses: a market analysis video and a course on PLR mastery. This set of Alibaba PLR training videos is a real complete sales funnel PLR that’s ready to go and can help you make money in an hour. Everything you need is in the package, and opportunities like this don’t come along that often—so buy now, because the price is sure to go up.


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Amazon FBA Profit Mastery PLR Business In A Box Package

Amazon FBA Profit Mastery PLR Business In A Box Package

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality FBA Profit Mastery  Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited is worth more than $330 billion, and it’s one of the world’s most successful companies. Almost 11% of the American population enjoys Amazon Prime status, and the company’s fulfillment process works so well that over 1.5 million items can leave each fulfillment center per day. Using the FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) platform, the company handles packing, customer service, delivery and returns. Amazon is a cost-effective and simple way to sell products online, and vendors are billed according to the orders they fill.

Why the Amazon FBA Profit Mastery PLR Business In A Box Package is So Important

With so much media excitement over how Amazon FBA has changed thousands of lives, it’s no wonder why online vendors are clamoring to get in on the action. However, they don’t always know where to begin. The Amazon FBA Profit Mastery PLR Business In A Box Package is a highly actionable, step by step FBA PLR training course that you can sell to thousands of others. Just think, you’ll have a hand in making others successful with this PLR biz in a box!

What You’ll Get

When you buy these Amazon PLR videos, you’ll get results-oriented training. You and your customers will learn what FBA is, how it works, and how to set up an Amazon Seller account. There’s also information on seller fees, getting items approved and tips on creating great listings. Following that, you’ll get tips on readying items for shipping and additional information on the FBA program. All of this comes in an hour-long set of ten videos that are guaranteed to get people excited about becoming an Amazon seller.

There are many ways to make money online by selling tangible and intangible items, but Amazon is one of the best. With these Amazon FBA training videos with private label rights, you can learn how to make money as an Amazon seller—and you can rebrand them and sell them over and over again. With the ease and simplicity of this business in a box monster PLR, there’s no reason not to try becoming an Amazon vendor.


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Fast Cash Mechanics PLR Business In A Box Package

Fast Cash Mechanics PLR Business In A Box Package

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality Fast Cash Mechanics Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

The Fast Cash Mechanics PLR Business in a Box Package is by Wealthy PLR. With this online business PLR sales funnel, you can brand the materials however you want, edit them as you wish, and resell them, keeping all the profits for yourself. Below you will learn what you can get in this done for you PLR set.

What You Get in the Fast Cash Mechanics PLR Biz in a Box

  • Video training that’s guaranteed to get results
  • A thank you page and a sales letter that’s proven to drive conversions
  • A sales video
  • Professional graphic designs worth over $750
  • Ready-made support system and legal pages
  • A lead grabbing page
  • An email series that increases your brand credibility
  • A stunning PowerPoint presentation that you can use as a YouTube video
  • Fully editable graphics
  • Licensing certificates so you can resell the products
  • A market analysis video
  • Training on how to master PLR

Why You Need This PLR Sales Funnel

The Fast Cash Mechanics make money online PLR pack was developed by an experienced IM team. The topic is evergreen, and demand won’t diminish any time soon. The business is ready to go, and you can start selling it in an hour or less. You’ll get to keep all the profits, and you can set your own price.

There are no royalty fees to worry about; you pay for the package one time, and there are no recurring charges. This hot-selling package is a great way to build a buyer list, and the people you’ll attract will be ready to buy. Build an affiliate network, and leave the promotional work to someone else. You’ll save on this set of make money online PLR videos because all the hard work has already been done for you. No more worries about production and staff costs! Grab it now before it increases in price.


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Free Traffic System PLR Business In A Box Package

Free Traffic System PLR Business In A Box Package

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality Free Traffic System Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

This highly detailed, step by step video course focuses on website traffic, and it teaches you how to get on-demand, free and unlimited traffic to your site. It’s an easy, practical course that even a newbie can use and get results, because it only contains actionable steps. You’ll get the following videos:

  • Market Research
  • Home Base: Your Blog
  • Free Traffic System
  • Lead Generation Autoresponders
  • Tracking Your Visitors
  • Introduction to Social Media Traffic
  • Copy-writing Conversion
  • Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube as a Social Network
  • Youtube Videos

All the traffic PLR videos only equal about an hour—just enough to get customers excited enough to take action. The videos are available in mp4 format.

What Else You Get

When you buy the Free Traffic System PLR Business In A Box Package, you’ll get a ton of other valuable stuff. You’ll get a high-converting sales letter, along with a professionally designed thank you page that your customers will see after they make a purchase. The sales letter uses a hybrid approach, combining effective sales copy and video. You don’t have to waste your time writing your own sales copy—all the hard work is done for you!

Legal and Customer Support

As you already know, customer experience can turn a one-time buyer into a repeat purchaser. Once a free traffic PLR sale is made, you’ll need a way to allow customers to come to you with concerns and questions. With the Free Traffic System PLR Business In A Box Package, you’ll get a ready-to-use support system that’s fully integrated into your site; when a customer uses the contact form, support tickets are redirected to your email. To ensure that you’re complying with local laws, you’ll also get ready-made legal documents and privacy notices to put on your monster PLR site.

There are many reasons to buy these free traffic training videos with private label rights, but the high-quality audio training is one of the most important. Users can download the files to the mobile device of their choice, to get training on the go. This done for you PLR business can help you reap a profit within hours, and getting started couldn’t be easier.


IM How To Videos PLR Business In A Box Package

IM How To Videos PLR Business In A Box Package

“Grab The Private Label Rights To IM How To Videos And Make 100% Profits Rebranding And Reselling As Your Own!”

By PLRXtreme Limited

The IM How To Videos PLR Business In A Box Package is a huge collection of 30 step by step onscreen tutorials that will help anyone understand the technical aspects of building and running an online business. Not only can you make a constant income catering to IM newbies, you can reduce or even eliminate bothersome “customer support” questions. In this group of internet marketing PLR videos, you’ll get the following components:

  • Onscreen tutorials—it’s the video version of the entire training course, which can be a huge offer. You can resell it as-is, embed them into your members-only monster PLR site, or rebrand and edit them in .avi format. It’s up to you!
  • MP3 audio—You can include the mp3 files as part of the IM PLR videos you’re selling, add intro music, or offer it as a stream on your site.
  • Professionally designed “thank you” and sales pages—Hiring a good copywriter can cost you thousands, but you’ll save because these done for you PLR packages have ready-to-use sales letters and thank you pages. Unlike other resale rights packages, you’re not limited in what you can do on your sales pages.
  • Ready-made sales videos—You’ll get a ready sales video, which can help you increase your conversions with an equal amount of traffic. You’ll even receive the transcript for the video, so you can put it in an email or whatever you like.
  • Pro graphics—You can of course use this set of internet marketing coaching videos with PLR right out of the box, but it’s best to use your editing rights to their full potential. Use Photoshop to edit the PSD files, adding your name, URL, and title.

There’s a lot more to this great set of IM PLR videos, so much so that I can’t cover it all here. Why not head on over to the website and take a look for yourself? The initial investment is so low that you really have nothing to lose when you buy this business in a box PLR—and everything to gain.


Instagram Marketing 2.0 PLR Business In A Box Package

Instagram Marketing 2.0 PLR Business In A Box Package

“Slap Your Name onto Our Brand New, Up-to-Date and TOP-Quality Instagram Marketing 2.0 Training for BIG Profits Week After Week on Autopilot!”

By hqplrstore

Almost all of the world’s biggest brands have an Instagram presence. Shouldn’t yours be one of them? With the Instagram Marketing 2.0 PLR Business in a Box Monster PLR pack, you’ll get the chance to put your name on a top-quality, updated Instagram marketing training course which can help you make effortless profits. This complete done for you PLR pack has top-quality training you can sell under your own brand, and the sales materials can help you get into the business in minutes. Sell as many copies as you want, and keep ALL of the profits and leads.

Once you buy the product, you’re not just left to your own devices. The creators of this biz in a box WANT you to succeed, and for that reason, they’re offering HD video training as a bonus. In the Instagram training videos, you’ll learn the three simple steps to start making money on Instagram. Right now, you can get this amazing Instagram PLR training package for just $47, but the price goes up with every sale—so buy now!

Making money on Instagram is a very hot topic, and businesses like yours are looking for a way in. This Instagram PLR training course with private label rights makes it easy, and you can have it as soon as today.

 “Legally Steal These 7 HOT ‘Ready-To-Go’ Lead Generating Funnels Along With Private Label Rights At A Massive 98% Discount!

By wealthy PLR Limited

The Lead Magnets V 3.0 PLR Business In A Box Package is yet another creation from Sharon Lai and Jonathan Teng. This application allows you to take another person’s materials with permission, and to use it with seven of the best PLR sales funnels. This proven and simple application allows you to quickly build lead magnets with PLR, to generate a massive income.

This PLR business in a box is actually seven different, done for you lead generation systems that allow you to build subscriber lists and monetize them in no time at all. The secret formula helps you make quick cash without much effort. With this ready-made lead magnets PLR package, you’ll put together a huge subscriber list quickly and easily.

The Lead Magnets V 3.0 PLR lead magnets package can be used by anyone who utilizes email marketing in their online wealth-building efforts. Using this done for you PLR system, you will learn how to:

  • Send targeted traffic to your sites
  • Use bonuses to collect additional leads
  • Send attention-getting emails
  • Make more money online
  • Use the system as many times as you’d like
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices

Here, you’ll get a full PLR license that provides you with full ownership. You can edit it, rebrand it, and resell it for 100% of the profits. This system is so simple to use, and you can practically build a list on autopilot.


List Building 2.0 PLR Business In A Box

List Building 2.0 PLR Business In A Box

Slap Your Name onto Our Brand New, Up-to-Date and TOP-Quality List Building 2.0 Training for BIG Profits Week After Week on Autopilot!”

By HQ PLR store Limited

The List Building 2.0 PLR Business In A Box gives you a product in an evergreen niche that you can sell at prices ranging from $9-$97, and keep all the profits. Because this list building sales funnel comes with PLR rights, you can brand it under your own name and edit it as you wish. With this list building PLR pack you will also get several cool bonuses worth almost $2000.

How to Use This Business in a Box Monster PLR Package

  • Use it on membership sites
  • Use it to build your email list by offering it as a subscriber gift
  • Add it to paid products as a bonus
  • Turn it into high-quality training, webinar or seminar content
  • Use it to close deals
  • Use it to further your own business
  • Train clients and teams with it
  • Use it to start a professional list-building service

What You Need to Do

Using this list building PLR sales funnel couldn’t be easier. Simply buy and download it, customize it to your liking, upload it to your own server, direct traffic toward it, and watch the profits roll in. You even get to keep the buyers’ list!

Included Modules

  1. Training Guide
  2. Cheat Sheet
  3. Valuable Mind Map
  4. A report of top resources
  5. Sales copy that drives conversions
  6. Professionally-designed mini sites
  7. An artfully designed sales video
  8. Swipe emails to provide to affiliates
  9. Animated banners“
  10. Pro graphics

This step by step list building 2.0 PLR package and its training will take you and your subscribers and show everyone how to get the best marketing results using videos—in the shortest time possible. Why delay? Check it out today! You don’t have anything to lose, but there’s a whole lot to gain.

Mega Launch Blueprint PLR Business In A Box Package

Mega Launch Blueprint PLR Business In A Box Package

“Grab The Private Label Rights To Mega Launch Blueprint Put Your Name As The Author, Flexible Editing Rights, Rebrand And Resell For Massive Profits Starting Today!”

By PLR xtreme Limited

The Mega Launch Blueprint PLR Business In A Box Package does exactly as it says. This PLR business in a box can teach anyone how to perform an online product launch and generate a massive income. The product is the concerted effort of a professional product creation team, along with the author’s years of experience with online product launches. The biz in a box PLR can work for anyone, from business owners and IM pros to information publishers. Below, you’ll learn what you get with this monster PLR pack.

What you Get

In this product launch PLR coaching package, you’ll get a 67-page Mega Launch Blueprint with PLR. Unlike other, similar products, this one is built on time-tested principles that are backed by years of real-life experience. The course is white-labeled, which means you can rebrand it and keep ALL the profits. You’ll get the book in an easy-to-use PDF format that you can resell as-is, and you’ll also get a Word doc that you can edit, retitle, rebrand and resell under your name.

You’ll also get a handy checklist  and mind map that goes with this product launch complete sales funnel with PLR. The list comes in handy for customers; they can refer to it, print it and use it to mark off the different parts of the course as they’re completed. Like the book, the checklist is completely rebrandable and source files are included.

Finally, you’ll get a ready-made sales page and thank-you letter, along with a sales video that is also completely rebrandable. With all this, you can save hundreds—or even thousands of dollars—by not hiring a copywriter and video editor to do the work for you. It’s already been done in this group of product launch PLR videos.

As you can see, this business coaching PLR package provides an incredible value. With the Mega Launch Blueprint PLR Business In A Box Package, you can launch products like a pro in no time at all and teach your customers how to do the same.

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality Periscope Marketing Mastery Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

The Periscope Marketing Mastery PLR Business In A Box Package is a practical PLR business in a box produced by the well-known team of Sharon Lai and Jonathan Teng. This step-by-step set of Periscope PLR videos can be sold to customers all over the world, and you get to keep all the profits.

Why You Need This Periscope PLR Sales Funnel

Twitter recently bought Periscope for more than $100 million, and there are plans to make the company bigger and better than ever. Periscope is available in almost 30 languages, making it useful for people worldwide. On the Periscope platform, people can host Q&A sessions to build their brand authority, and there’s a lot of money making potential here as well. This Periscope PLR biz in a box is ready to go, and you can start making money in an hour or less. With periscope, you can get instant feedback from customers on your services and products!

Using Periscope Marketing PLR to Make Money in Different Ways

There are many ways to profit with this PLR sales funnel. You can sell the videos directly, or add them to a membership site. Turn the video training into printable reports, or rework it for a webinar. Use it as a bonus to hand out at live events, or add it to a paid offer. Create your own physical products from it, or use it in your IM coaching business.

The Periscope Marketing PLR Business In A Box Package is a real PLR biz in a box that’s going to help you make incredible profits. This authentic business gives you everything you need to make money in the marketing niche, and you should grab this done-for-you PLR before it’s gone. By buying this PLR pack, you can take your income to levels you never dreamed possible.


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“Get 15 Private Label Rights Products THAT You Can Re-brand And Resell STARTING TODAY For 100% Profits, NO ROYALTIES EVER!”

By Wholesaler & Source Code Goldmine

If you’re here, you want to go into business for yourself—and these done-for-you PLR ebooks make it easy to do. You can set yourself up as an industry expert in a variety of niches, or break into a new, hot niche. With these PLR sales funnels, you’ll be able to rebrand the ebooks, edit them however you want, and sell them under your own name. The choice is yours!

There’s a lot of low-quality PLR content available online, but this is one of the best business in a box monster PLR packages we’ve seen. There’s no filler content, and everything you get is relevant, readable, engaging, and it offers the buyer something of value. Use these ebooks as a promotional tool, or include them as a bonus with a purchase. Sell them on a paid membership site, or turn them into audio or video training courses. There are so many ways to use this material that the possibilities are practically endless!

The 15 High Quality PLR Ebooks Package is a ready-to-go PLR ebooks pack that’s guaranteed to drive conversions, and keep customers coming back for more. The price won’t stay low forever though, so buy and download now to start making a profit right away.


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The Internet Marketing Technical 2.0 PLR Business In A Box

The Internet Marketing Technical 2.0 PLR Business In A Box“Are Technological Barriers Slowing Down Your Online Business Success?
This is Your Opportunity To Discover The Help You’ll Never Get From Others, Blast Through Those Technical Challenges, and Sail to Success Faster Than Ever…”

By Count On Us LLC

Internet marketers like us know that the informational products market is red-hot right now. This $80 billion+ market proves that it is possible to live the dream by running a business completely online, from home, selling these PLR businesses in a box. With The Internet Marketing Technical 2.0 PLR Business In A Box, it’s easy to start a profitable info products business RIGHT NOW.

It’s easy to set up. Just buy and download this internet marketing PLR set, upload it to your private server, and sell it right away.

This top-quality product is full of updated training materials, and you can easily sell it for $97 or more.

All the sales materials are of professional quality, and mini sites are available in six different colors.

You get a great doodle-like sales video, plus a lot more.

As great as the above features of this IM technical training PLR video series are, here’s another great thing: You get to keep all the profits! You even get to retain all the leads you generate, including the buyers’ list. Whether you market in the IM or offline capacity, you can make a substantial income with this updated Internet Marketing training video course PLR set. Use it to:

  • Make up to $97 with each sale
  • Create private membership sites
  • Build a list by offering it as a bonus or gift
  • Train your team
  • Create a training seminar or webinar

Offline marketers can use it to prospect clients and close deals, or they can sell it to others. Grow your own online business with it, or if you’re a coach, train your clients and make big money. You can even start your own IM service with these internet marketing PLR videos, and possibly make thousands. The choice is yours!

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Video Marketing 2.0 PLR Business In A Box Package



Slap Your Name onto Our Brand New, Up-to-Date and TOP-Quality Video Marketing 2.0 Training for BIG Profits Week After Week on Autopilot!”

By HQ PLR store Limited

Many IM pros and website owners spend countless hours and much of their own money trying to figure out how to increase site traffic. On average, about five percent of site visitors make a purchase—which means that 95% of visitors leave, never to return. The Video Marketing 2.0 PLR Business In A Box Package can help you maximize that 95%.

The Difference the Upgraded Package Makes

With the basic biz in a box PLR package, you can drive more traffic to the video marketing PLR sales funnel you bought. When your 5% make a purchase, they turn into leads. You can make more money promoting your affiliate offers to those on your buyers’ list, but here’s where the upgrade makes all the difference. You’ll send all that traffic to a squeeze page that’s guaranteed to convert, and the visitor will be redirected to your front end offer. Many marketers say that a person needs to see an offer up to eight times before making a purchase, and you can drastically increase conversions by following up with your list using the built-in email autoresponder series.

What You’ll Get

In this video marketing PLR coaching package, you’ll get:

  • HD video training
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Voiceover audio
  • Voiceover scripts
  • High-conversion sales copy
  • 6 professionally designed minisites
  • An upsell sales video
  • A set of follow-up emails
  • Pro graphics
  • Squeeze pages
  • Squeeze page sales copy
  • A free report
  • Follow-up emails for your front end offer

With this upgrade, you will be able to charge triple what you’d get for the basic package. Using the video marketing PLR sales funnel, you’ll be able to increase your per-visitor earnings and set yourself apart from the competition. With all of this, there’s no real reason not to buy this PLR business in a box—today.


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The WordPress Essentials PLR Videos Package


by Totally PLR

Millions of sites use WordPress, and it’s seen by many millions of viewers each and every day. Therefore, many people need to know how to manage a WordPress site, from local businesses and home-based business owners to new and experienced bloggers. There’s a ton of info online concerning WordPress, but all that information can be tough to digest when a new user is merely looking for a simple, step by step guide. The WordPress Essentials PLR Videos Package is a done for you PLR pack that gives clients, blog readers and subscribers an easy-to-follow guide. This course is a set of WordPress PLR training videos that you can rebrand as you wish.

With This WordPress PLR Pack, You Can….

  • Give it away as a bonus to new mailing list subscribers
  • Post it on a blog as a video series
  • Sell it as a set of WordPress PLR videos
  • Put it on a membership site
  • Use the videos when and where you wish
  • Add the WordPress PLR training videos to the site’s FAQ section to reduce the number of customer support inquiries
  • Change the course’s name to reflect your brand

It’s highly unusual to find such a great set of white label WordPress PLR videos. When most people search, they can only find sets of business coaching PLR that must be sold as part of a product lineup. If you want to spice up your blog with easy tutorials, this product is for you.

What’s in the Videos

In this series, you’ll get a series of short videos that explain various parts of the WordPress setup. You’ll learn what WordPress is, how to log in, and how to navigate the dashboard. From there, you’ll learn how to create, publish and add links to posts, and how to manage visitor comments. You’ll also learn how to add categories, create pages and edit/create custom menus. Finally, you’ll learn about themes and their installation.


As if these great WordPress private label videos weren’t enough, you’ll also get an audio version of the sales video, a promo script, and PowerPoint slides for the video. From that you can create a short clip you can post to YouTube and social media sites. Use the voiceover, video and script however you wish. As a final bonus, you’ll get a free report that lists the nine most important ways to profit from PLR videos.


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WordPress Fast Track Training Videos PLR Business In A Box Package


WordPress Fast Track Training Videos PLR Business In A Box Package

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality WordPress Fast Track Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

There are over 37 million searches globally for WordPress each month. In the US alone, the keyword “WordPress” gets about 450,000 searches monthly. There’s a tremendous amount of buzz on how WordPress is changing lives, and every day, more people want to learn how to use it. Enter the team at Wealthy PLR—they’ve just released a WP business in a box PLR pack in this profitable, popular niche.

The WordPress Fast Track Biz in a Box PLR package by Sharon Lai and Jonathan Teng can be yours if you act quickly. Buy now, and you can start reaping the profits in less than an hour! Read on to learn more about this business in a box monster PLR package.

The Basics

The WordPress Fast Track Training Videos PLR Business In A Box Package is a step-by-step set of WordPress PLR videos that you can sell to customers all over the world while making serious cash. Everything you’ll need is included, such as:

  • A step-by-step series of videos
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • A mobile-optimized website
  • A sales letter written by a professional

….and much more that’s not listed here. Getting started is simple. Just purchase and download the WordPress training videos PLR, rebrand it with your name and your order button, upload it to your server, and watch the profits roll in. It couldn’t be easier to make money with the best WordPress PLR video course on the net.


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WordPress Income Formula PLR Business In A Box Package

WordPress Income Formula PLR Business In A Box Package

“Here’s Your Exclusive Reseller Opportunity in a Hot Niche That Brings in Over $10 Million Per Day!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

Sometimes, taking a shortcut can be a good thing, but there’s no real substitute for a hard day’s work. When it comes to being good—really good—at something, there aren’t many real shortcuts. All successful marketers and big corporations have one thing in common: They all have a product to sell. This WordPress PLR training system can help you automate your business and live the life you really WANT to live.

Making Money in the WordPress Niche

Everyone, from mom-and-pop stores to companies on the Fortune 500, uses WordPress to build and power their websites. WordPress is one of the most massive niches out there, and if you know anything about marketing to a niche, you know that the hugest markets hold the highest income potential. While the WordPress software itself is free, companies and users spend billions on related products such as plugins. Quality WordPress PLR videos is very hard to find, so if you’re looking to market to the WordPress industry, this WP PLR pack is definitely worth a look.

These same customers are also extremely interested in learning how to customize WordPress to suit their needs. That means one thing: You can make a significant amount of money selling WordPress educational materials. When you buy the WordPress Income Formula PLR Business in a Box, you’ll get two of the hottest courses that you can sell to the millions of customers in this market.

  • The Simplified Site Building course includes an HD video series with a PLR license. This step by step course shows you how to create a great-looking WordPress site in under three hours, and the updated materials show you and your customers what works RIGHT NOW. The course can help you create relevant niche sites, manage and update sites without having to learn how to code, and it can also help you learn how to make WordPress sites for others.
  • The Simplified WordPress profits course contains over a dozen high-quality videos that show you and your leads how to change a simple WP site into a steady stream of income using freelancing, affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. You’ll learn how to choose the right niche and keywords, and you’ll develop an understanding of niche website design and research.

This course comes with a thirty-day, money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. For the price of just $199, you’ll get complete resale rights for both of the WordPress PLR video training courses, along with sales copy and pages that are designed to convert. With all that, what are you waiting for?

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WordPress Security Mastery PLR Business In A Box Package

WordPress Security Mastery PLR Business In A Box Package

“Make 100% Cash On This Brand New, Top Quality WP Security Mastery Video Series – Full Private Label Rights Included!”

By Wealthy PLR Limited

The WordPress Security Mastery PLR Business in a Box package is a top-quality video training course that shows website owners like you how to secure and protect their own WordPress sites while making a tidy profit in the process. The WP Security Mastery biz in a box PLR pack is a unique training manual created by Sharon Lai and Jonathan Teng that shows even novice site owners how to protect WP sites with completely free resources and tools. There’s absolutely no fluff—when you buy this WordPress security PLR pack, you will only get actionable tips for success.

What’s So Great About the WP Security Mastery Package?

This WP PLR package is a step-by-step video training course that you will proudly sell to thousands of IM pros and newbies worldwide, and it helps site owners secure and protect their businesses. Not only that, you’ll make a crazy sum of money from it! The WordPress security sales funnel comes with PLR, which means you can brand and edit it as you wish while keeping 100% of the proceeds.

Below is a list of what you’ll get in this business in a box monster PLR package:

  1. An introduction video that explains the course
  2. Setting Stronger Passwords
  3. Frequent Password Changes
  4. Updating a WP Site
  5. Using Only Supported WP Themes
  6. Choosing a Secured Server for Hosting
  7. Dropping FTP in Favor of SSH
  8. Running Virus Scans on Plugins
  9. Deleting Plugins
  10. Deleting Admin Accounts
  11. Changing Roles for Users
  12. Removing Old, Unused Accounts
  13. Changing DB Prefixes
  14. Limiting Content Folder Access
  15. Disabling Directory Browsing
  16. Preventing Search Engine Indexing

But That’s Not All….

This results-oriented WordPress coaching PLR set also includes a conversion-driving sales letter and thank you page, along with a great sales video, professionally designed graphics, and a ready to use legal page and customer service system. The included email series will increase your perceived expertise, and the mobile-optimized site can be viewed on any device. You’ll also get a couple of awesome bonuses with this WordPress Niche PLR, including PLR mastery training and a market analysis video.

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YouTube Marketing 2.0 PLR Business In A Box Package


YouTube Marketing 2.0 PLR Business In A Box Package“Slap Your Name onto Our Brand New, TOP-Quality and  Up-to-Date YouTube Marketing 2.0 Training for BIG Profits Week After Week on Autopilot!”

By HQ PLR store Limited

Top internet marketers know that selling info products is a great way to make a steady online income, and it’s never been easier to get started. By buying this PLR business in a box, you can quickly be on your way to higher profits. Below are some of the biggest benefits of this YouTube PLR training package:

  • It’s easy to set up. Just download the ready-made YouTube PLR, upload it to your own server and start selling.
  • It’s a quality product that practically sells itself. This top-notch training is full of current materials, and you can easily sell it for hundreds of dollars, many times over.
  • You get professional sales materials. Everything’s been done for you; you get a professionally-designed minisite in six differently colored templates, along with high-quality sales videos and much more.

All of the above are compelling reasons to buy this package of YouTube PLR videos, but here’s the most important reason: You get to keep all of the profit, and you also get to keep every lead you generate. Online marketers can sell it for up to $100 a pop, which is a huge profit. This YouTube PLR business in a box can also be used to:

  • Create a membership site
  • Build an email list by offering it as a free gift
  • Create a bonus for other product purchases
  • Train a sales team
  • Create high-quality content for webinars and seminars

This step by step YouTube Marketing training kit will show you and your leads how to get incredible marketing results in a short time. Here are some of the things that set this PLR biz in a box apart from all the rest.

  • It’s full of completely new content
  • The niche is evergreen and hot
  • The training is proven
  • You’ll get high-conversion sales pages and written copy
  • You’ll get a ready-to-use sales funnel
  • Great graphics
  • Fantastic bonuses
  • Low cost
  • Limited number of copies
  • Great customer service

You can edit, rebrand and resell the YouTube PLR training as you wish, as long as it’s sold for more than $9. You can include it with other offerings, or use it as a bonus. However, you can’t use it as content for the web, and you can’t sell the reseller rights.

With the YouTube Marketing 2.0 PLR Business In A Box Package, you finally have the opportunity to make money with almost no effort, and you can become recognized as one of the Internet’s top marketers


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