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Why Email Marketing Will Always Be Profitable

Why Email Marketing Will Always Be Profitable

Find Out Why Email Marketing Is A Critical Part Of Any Business

With all of the shiny objects and dangling carrots hanging in front of an online marketer’s eyes, there is one profit-generating method that has stood the test of time and still delivers results: email marketing.

Some people claim that email marketing is dead and gone, but those making a passive income with this method know that this is not true at all. Email marketing still delivers amazing results if done correctly.

Email Marketing Profits

Why is it still going on as strong as ever?

Direct and Personal

First of all, email marketing is powerful because it’s direct and personal. Your messages go straight into your subscribers’ email inboxes, not their Facebook account or blog feed. Your messages address them by name and talk to them like an email from a friend.

Email Subscribers are Responsive

Compared to other ways of reaching people, email subscribers are very responsive. This varies a great deal from list to list and is dependent on many factors. But in general, email open rates and click-through rates are higher on average than other marketing methods.

Anyone Can Use Email

Social media sites aren’t ideal for every type of business. But email marketing, like blogging, is something any type of business can use. No matter what size your business or what industry, it’s highly likely that your customers use email for finding deals and shopping.

Email Is Here to Stay

Another advantage of email is that, unlike the latest social media fad, it’s here to stay. Sure, it’s hard to imagine that one day Facebook will disappear, but it’s possible. Email is as ingrained in our communications as the telephone. It’s not going to go away anytime soon.

People Shop Through Email

Another advantage email has over social media is that people shop using email whereas they don’t generally shop on social media. Social media is for sharing news and hanging out with friends. For businesses, it’s a goldmine for spreading brand awareness and communicating with customers. But it’s not where you sell – that’s what email is for.


With an email list, you don’t have to worry about competing for keywords and driving traffic through SEO. You already have a captive audience. You’re not dependent on the search engines to bring people to you. Additionally, your email list consists of prospects that are already qualified. They signed up for your list because they’re interested in what you have to offer and you can email them whenever you want, no more depending on Google solely for leads. Although SEO and ranking in Google is still a very good source for finding leads and customers.

You Own Your Email List

Another advantage is that you own your email list. No one can pull the plug on it, sell it out from under you, or make changes to your Terms Of Service. You and only you have control over your list. You have the relationships and know what your subscribers want and are interested in. Your email list can be one of your most valuable and extremely profitable assets. Getting to know your list, their interests and offering solutions to their problems is the key to your success as an email marketer. Here’s a great course on how to start your first email list if you have not yet done so, which was created by Liz Tomey (One of my favorite marketers).

Part of Your Online Marketing Arsenal

This doesn’t mean that you should restrict your online marketing to email marketing only. You can still use social media for branding or search engine marketing for traffic. But they say ‘the money is in the list’ because it’s an excellent way to set up a solid passive income online. Using SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Networks, Ad-swaps and many other tactics can still be great, but having and building your own email list is a must for every marketer period.

Email marketing is definitely a must is every single business, whether it’s a local business, international business or even just a simple start-up home business. Having the right email campaign can be a massive part of your relationship building process and be extremely profitable if you know how to properly monetize your email list. If you have not yet started creating a lead magnet so you can start building your email list, today is a good day to start!

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