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Define Your Objective and Remember Your Niche

Define Your Objective and Remember Your Niche

Does the following situation sound familiar?

You’re on an email list of a PLR creator/provider. Your inbox alerts you to an upcoming sale. The PLR content creator is offering 10 articles, and e-book, an autoresponder sequence and some marketing materials for just $10. There are more than 10,000 words of content and you get graphics, some videos and lots of bonus content as well.

You are working in the health and wellness industry in general, specifically on the topic of weight loss for women after pregnancy. The PLR bundle being advertised doesn’t have anything to do with the niche you’re working in.

It talks about the importance of relieving stress naturally to promote overall wellness. You convince yourself that you could make a tie-in to your weight loss focus, since stress can often lead to over eating which drives weight gain. Because the price is so attractive for all the content you get, you go ahead and make the purchase.

You decide to build a website to make use of all this wonderful content. You have to arrange the autoresponder sequence and build a landing page, offer and off then opt in bribe and create a sales funnel. This is a lot of work. You end up taking yourself away from your original business focus, which is helping women lose weight after a pregnancy. Now you have twice as many projects to manage.

Was the PLR really a bargain after all?

If that sounds familiar, you’re in good company. This trap catches a lot of entrepreneurs just like yourself. They see a great bargain and you up PLR content simply because the price is right. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with their business focus or the niche they are marketing in. They lose their focus. This means they have to split their time between two or more different niche is before they know it, every time a new bargain priced PLR package catches their attention

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Bargain PLR

Don’t let this happen to you.

Keep your focus. Remember your niche. Don’t stray from it.

The last chapter of this report helps you discover an Evergreen a niche business. You found something I demand and always will be Done down to a smaller market you can dominate. Always this niche and don’t be distracted.

The more you spread your business efforts over several different topics, markets and niche is, the less you get done. You ruin your productivity and lacks of sales success to keep this from half just remember the following 2 pieces of advice.

1 – Define Your Objective

2 – Always Remember Your Niche

Each day you should have a focus. What are you working on today? What are you trying to accomplish? What is your objective? What type of result are you trying to create? Maybe today you are going to use your PLR to create an email autoresponder sequence. If that’s your objective, keep that in mind. Don’t become distracted by other tasks or the next attractively priced PLR product until you have accomplished your objective.

Secondly, always keep your niche or micro niche in mind. The steps you took earlier to discover an Evergreen market dramatically improve your chances of success in your business. Now stick to your guns. If you are considering buying some type of PLR content, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself the following questions.


  • Does this material really relate to my overall business?
  • The price may be extremely low, but is that the main reason I am making the purchase?
  • When am I going to have the time to work with this new PLR content?
  • Am I probably going to end up buying this PLR because it’s bargain priced, and then just park it on my hard drive or thumb drive and never use it?

Only you know the answers to those questions. And you have to answer them honestly. Go through this question-and-answer process every time you find yourself shopping for PLR materials. It focuses your efforts rather than diluting all your hard work with a lack of focus.

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Niche PLR

Remember, after you determine your niche or market, stick to it. Then define your purpose every day you work on your business. These are two simple ways to become successful quicker when using PLR to build a business online.

Now let’s take a look at an absolute necessity if you want to profit from PLR … making it your own.